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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Content Syndication means FREE traffic - Syndication Express

I found this article which explains content syndication really well.
This is similar to what I had in mind when I started Syndication
Express. I believe this would be a great thing for us to do in the
community. Please click the link below and continue reading the rest of
the article and leave your comments below.

Content syndication is quickly gaining popularity as one of the
blogosphere’s favorite content marketing strategies in 2014 & the
years to come, and for good reason. Content syndication is a simple and
relatively easy way to drive hordes of traffic to any blog/website
without having to invest the time in search engine optimization or the
money in paid traffic.

What Is Content Syndication?
In essence, content syndication happens when a blog syndicates content from another blog.

Benefits Of Getting Your Content Syndicated

The foremost and most obvious benefit of content syndication is, of
course, the resulting traffic. Providing that you craft a compelling
call-to-action at the end of every syndicated post, you can channel the
existing traffic of an established website to your own blog — for free.

Continue reading at the link below:

Content Syndication means FREE traffic to your site without SEO - Syndication Express


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