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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Those Little Annoyances - Syndication Express

You know how you get annoyed through your day sometimes by stupid little things, maybe the phone keeps ringing, the dogs barking all the time, doors slamming, the neighbours, someone comes to the door.  Everything and anything seems to be conspiring to pull you away from the job at hand, maybe today you had wanted to write your blog or list products in your store, any of the hundreds of the little jobs you have to keep on top of when you work at home.
Today with me its flies, I hate flies, if they are not buzzing around your head, they are crawling over your screen being totally irritating and distracting.  They won't leave when you ask them nicely, I leave a nice window open for them and they still won't exit the house.  Even when threatened with the deadly spray they still stubbornly refuse to go away.
Only yesterday my young grandson got stung by a bee, it somehow got down the back of his t-shirt when we were out for a walk.  He's ok just was a bit frightened at the time he's only 2 years old so soon forgot about it.  But it got me thinking, what purpose do these blasted insects serve ? what are they here for ? all they seem to do is bite, sting, buzz and generally " bug the hell out of you " if you pardon the expression.
So I thought I would put my research hat on and just check out what our pesky little insect friends are here for:
Bees:  Good Things That Bees Do

Those Little Annoyances - Syndication Express

Written by Fiona Hazel Inglis

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