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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kathleen Ayers | Press Release: Put a Date ON It !!

What good is setting goals if you don't put a date them?  When
setting goals, it is important to not only get real and be specific, but it
  just as important to set a variety of goals in all areas of your life.  These
goals might serve as stepping stones to larger goals.

When we put a date on our goal(s), we create a sense of urgency for achieving our goals.  When a date is set, then we can began to plan exactly how we are going to reach our goals. 

My sister and I planned a two-week vacation trip by car from Texas to Denver, Colorado two summers ago.  Our goal was to spend five days of the trip driving and sight-seeing in some of the major cities along the way before reaching our destination, Denver.  It was important for us to know how much time we had to give to driving this trip. 

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Kathleen Ayers | Press Release: Put a Date ON It !!

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