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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Raising Your Business is Like Raising a Child - Syndication Express

Published by Susan Boston

Your business is just like raising a child. What made me think of this post was an online friend of mine Camille Cameron commenting on a blog post I had done. Her words of wisdom were just too great to let it pass. Not only were they great they were so true an also an analogy I had never really thought about before. 
At some point, you decide you want a child. There is then the conception and/or acquiring your business. Your business is just like an infant it's new, it's tiny and some time will pass before the child/business can stand on its own. You will love and nurture your business just as you would a child because it is your child. What I noticed in this picture that seemed so appropriate is the ATM machine behind the man with the baby. Many times when a person gets so excited about having a baby as well as a business they don't stop and think about the cost. If you plan on either one you need to be able to provide for both. If you think you can do either one without putting out money, you should scrub the whole idea of doing either.  Continue reading at the link below:

Raising Your Business is Like Raising a Child - Syndication Express

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