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Monday, September 1, 2014

Syndication Express - Massive Exposure for Bloggers and Article Writers

Syndication Express is a community for bloggers and articles writers to get viral exposure, backlinks for SEO purposes and free traffic from the search engines.

Blog and article syndication is my reason for starting Syndication Express. I love blogging and sharing quality and valuable information with people. Personally I write when I am inspired to do so.  This way I know that people who read my blog post will be educated with the facts.

I use my experiences and education plus research which is necessary to publish quality content that will benefit my readers.   I feel strongly about this and it has worked very well for me. I have a huge network of followers on all the social sites. This is my proof that I am doing it right and that I know what I am doing.

Therefore I share my knowledge to help those who need it.

Now I shall tell you why I am writing this post today. My goal for Syndication Express is that it will be a community where ALL bloggers and article writers can come to get online branding, viral exposure, backlinks for SEO and targeted traffic from the search engines. I believe I have accomplished that and looking forward to the site growing even larger.

I recently added a new feature called Syndication Automation. This new feature is very powerful because every member's post is being syndicated on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. When other members in the community use Syndication Automation to share the blog post that are being posted in the community, it will brand their name online and help them to increase their followers on the social sites. It's a win win deal and a no brainer that members use Syndication Automation. This is their decision to use it.

In addition I have created a hashtag for the Twitter search engines where Syndication Express members can login and see the blog post that are being published in the community. They can read, comment and retweet the post on Twitter, which gives it even more exposure and a social signal as well. This is what you need to get free traffic from the search engines. YOU will get indexed and ranked in the search engines. This means free traffic for you. Isn't this what we are looking for?

Of course it is.

I have given my all to Syndication Express and I can will continue to do so. This is my baby and I want it to BIG, and I know it will be when we all work together.

All YOU need to do is click the link below and join free now.

It will always be free and we can all prosper and help one another.

Join Syndication Express.


Respectfully yours,
Terri Pattio
Creator of Syndication Express
Twitter Strategist
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
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