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Monday, September 8, 2014

How Do You Stay Motivated Working From Home?

Written by Aurelius Tjin

Your Work Environment

Working from home and on your own business can get lonely.
If you’re currently in the workforce, it’ll feel like a massive transition from being surrounded by work colleagues to the sound of silence.

People ask me “How do you stay motivated working from home?”

Personally, I have no problems working from home. I guess being an introvert that I am makes working from home a benefit.

To motivate yourself, you need to ask yourself the big “Why?“. What makes you get up every morning?

What is your higher purpose?

The reality is, there’s only so many self-help and motivation books and articles you can read but unless you have a big reason why you’re doing it and then getting the right emotional support, you will end up staring at the wall and procrastinate without any motivation to put things into motion.
A few tips to creating a good work environment:

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Emotional Support, Self Doubt and Your Work Environment

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