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Monday, July 14, 2014

Tips for Baby Boomers Marketing - Syndication Express

Written by Merle Gibbins

Baby Boomers Entrepreneurs

The baby boomer generation are now nearing retirement age or are
already retired so there is going to be an increase in these people
looking to boost their pensions and what better way than to work from
home online !!

Baby boomers are becoming more adept at using the internet than the
previous generation and what’s more those that are retired and have
adult children are sometimes faced with whether they want to move into a
retirement complex with other retirees.  These people are now well
clued up to search for what they want on the internet.

I have a son that works with computers and although he teaches me a
few things there are things that I can now teach him and it is always
nice when he asks me for an answer to something !!

Many of the older generation are looking to join a retirement
community online as they have so much in common, so if you are from the
younger generation how do you appeal to this new internet savvy
audience?  You could start with creating an internet marketing strategy
that builds your digital presence and puts your retirement community in
front of potential customers.

3 Tools You Will Need:

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Tips for Baby Boomers Marketing - Syndication Express

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