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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Law of Attraction – Simplified - Syndication Express

Written by Ron Simplified Myers

Law of attraction simplified is a part of my mission to simplify life and the events that occur in it.

Most have started to look at law of attraction as if it is some kind of “Self Development” program.

Well, the law of attraction is a law of the universe. It is not
something you control (just like you don’t control “time”). You can
manage what you do with your “time”, but you can’t manage time itself.

The same is true with the law of attraction. It is working all day,
every day and every moment. Whether you understand it, believe it, fight
it or whatever else you have in mind.

To understand it is the same as playing or participating in anything in
life. If you don’t know the rules, whatever happens, just happens (and
usually not in your favor). If you know the rules, you can play the game
to your favor.

Most people don’t learn the rules and then blame the world for the way
their life turns out. Instead of saying “Enough. I will learn the rules
and play the game to get the results “I truly want”. No longer will I
just stand by and let life just happen!!!”.

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Law of Attraction – Simplified - Syndication Express

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