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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alzheimers What to Expect - Syndication Express

Written by Susan Boston


Alzheimer's what to expect when parenting
your parent. It will be much harder than you might think. We love our
parents of course therefore, it seems quite natural that you want to
take care of them when they age right?

Although it might be natural it is not an
easy task regardless of the love you feel for them. What most family
care-givers do not realize is that the person you knew is not there
anymore in the later stages.

When this happens your concept on caring
for them changes. First it is just moments of disassociation with them
so you over look it. It is also easy for you to over look as just the

As the condition progresses it gets harder and harder to look at them as someone you even know anymore.

Unwittingly you begin to see them as just a
person that is irritating you enormously. Many times you will feel they
are just doing the things they do to irritate you.

They are not.

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Alzheimers What to Expect - Syndication Express

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