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Monday, April 22, 2013

Syndication Express - Viral Exposure, Social Signals and Backlinks

Things are rocking on Syndication Express. Check us out at the link below.

Syndication Express

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Featured blog post titled Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me. But Fool Me Three Time?
WRITTEN BY Bessie Mathis

In an effort to keep in balance we must sometimes remove our heads from the clouds and look down at our path.  Bessie Mathis

“Wow, this is great, this will make me some money and I can fund some other opportunities with the income from this venture”.  Who has not thought that? 

We want to ‘imagine’ our dreams coming true.  We want to always be positive and we want to be certain our plans to meet our goals will work out.  And when we find that we have not kept our balance, we have not done our ‘due diligence’ and have believed a lie – what then?

Cleanup is a **.  Admitting a colossal mistake is even more than embarrassing, it is sometimes debilitating.  Making errors because we took a risk is human.  When you stop and think about it we are engaged in a crap shoot.  All we can do is take a calculated risk as much as we can.  Through thought, investigation and logic we can gain a better place of reference to proceed in the direction of our goal.  But, who  can argue that something that we cannot measure, something that is invisible and almost inexplainable is what will assure our success.  We must have ‘faith’, assurance, certainty.  That is what keeps us moving toward our dreams.  Our belief that we can get there keeps us on the course. 

So we believe that ‘scams and ripoffs’ will not happen to us because we are somehow immune to it.  We have our heads in the clouds. We don’t want any part of negativity.  But, is exercising common sense, being negative?

We feel that we are going against the grain when warned and are more adventurous than the ‘rest’.  We do not see that we are really part of a large group of people who are ‘happily’ being fleeced. 

So, now naked of our wooly dollars, we must look down and see our feet on solid ground.  We must not just stand and feel sorry for ourselves we must continue on our journey, having learned one of many lessons.  We can go ahead and feel the anger and allow it to run its course.  Then we must go on.

Because no matter what has happened, we have not lost ourselves.  We have only lost some money.  In my case, it was more ‘virtual money’ than cold hard cash.  Nevertheless, finding that I could not make a withdrawal, and could not buy ‘premuim’ ads with interest made from ‘basic’ ads was a rude awakening.

You may contact me and I will be glad to share with you the name of the company who is making money offering interest which turns out to be only ‘virtual’. 

I have a list of sites you may want to use to investigate companies you are thinking about joining.  A very savvy woman, Terri Pattio advises “Always look for the policy and procedures for business opportunities.  Look for the company agreement.”  When you find it she says “start reading from the last paragraph and up, because all their stumbling blocks will be towards the end”.  

 You can find Terri on Syndication Express is one that Terri recommends.

A fellow marketer on EasyHits4U, the data king, recommended the ones below.
#1) Website Safety Check =
#2) Whois =
#3) Webutation =
#4) Nortonsafeweb =
 Hopefully these will help you too.

We want to protect ourselves while keeping balance.  We never want to lose our wonder at the dreams we have.  Don’t lose your dreams, don’t allow any setbacks to make you stop pursuing them.  If you can stomp a ‘scammer’ do it, but don’t fall into despair over their mechanisms.  Keep on toward your dreams and as much as it depends on you, be honest, be vigilant and be courageous.

Bessie Mathis

Check out Bessie Mathis on Syndication Express


You can check out the Syndication Express group on Google too.  Ask to join and you will know that we mean business. This community is about branding, blog syndication, social signals and viral exposure which leads to targeted traffic from the search engines.  

This is what you need for success online. Also YOU must develop relationships and brand your name online, and the rest will follow. You can do this on the site too.

Yesterday I was excited when I seen the traffic ranking for Syndication Express on Alexa had improved greatly (See the photo below). I started this network on November 8 , 2012 and I knew then and believe now that it will improve because of the quality content that is coming from the site. This means people are getting targeted traffic and branding their name online.

Alexa Certified Traffic Ranking for

Syndication Express is going to be up there with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest. We are not competing with them, however we are utilizing these sites to accomplish our goals.

The goal is for the bloggers and article writers on the network to get FREE targeted traffic from the search engines. We do this by reading, caring and sharing member's blog post, photos, videos. 

In closing I encourage you to check out Syndication Express. I know you will like what you see. So here is your personal invitation from me.

Join Syndication Express

Terri Pattio
Creator of Syndication Express
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Learn and Live in the now"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Syndication Express - Article Writers and Bloggers, We Want To See Your Creativity

What's happening in the Syndication Express community

There are 79 members
New members this week - 2
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Featured blog post titled Training Education, Instruction, Knowledge, Learning and Teaching - Call it what you wish
Written by Julie Klein

I am constantly amazed at how few people on my team attend the training calls I host. Only a small fraction of my team dials in, and even fewer participate in the topic discussion.

Anyone who strives to succeed in network marketing must be trained. I host two team training calls a week, and I also offer one-on-one training to new members. Most do not take advantage of either.

I’ve heard it said that 97% of all marketers fail. Personally, I think “fail” is the wrong word. The percentage is likely pretty accurate, but that 97% likely never were trained. Either they chose to “go it alone” or their company did not provide adequate training. Either way, they simply quit before ever learning the business.

Whatever their experience, former profession or background, every network marketer needs training. Even if they have been in the industry for years, they must learn about the new company, its products and services, and the most effective marketing for that particular business. Not all products can be marketed in exactly the same way or to the same target market.

I am unaware of anyone who succeeded with a network marketing business without first being trained by a good leader. Everyone needs basic training, and to truly reach their goals, no one should ever stop learning. Time and experience are great teachers.

I continue to learn about my Xpress Healthcare business, researching the best marketing methods in an ever-changing field and acquiring all possible knowledge about the products we offer. Many companies add new products occasionally or remove an item from their product line due to low sales. A good network marketer will keep up with their product line and learn as much as possible about what they are selling.

When choosing a network marketing company to join, the company's training program should be one of the most important aspects to consider. My company, along with many others, provides leadership training to help their affiliates grow a strong team. In network marketing, few are able to grow a great business without growing a team. That is why most of us join network marketing companies - to build a team to help us earn more than we can on our own.

I cannot fathom how anyone believes they can join a company and build it without the assistance of others. Training is absolutely vital to success with all companies.

I would love to hear how others drive their team members to training sessions.

Check out Julie Klein profile on Syndication Express 


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It has been another exciting week and I am happy that more people are joining. To me this means that my goals for Syndication Express are moving in the right direction.

Syndication Express is five months old now and I have no doubt in my mind that we will be around for a very long time.  There are a lot of talented writers out there who want and need exposure to their information, this is the reason I started this network.

It is so YOU can get massive viral exposure, free traffic from the search engines, SEO link building, blog backlinks and social signals.

You are welcome to join Syndication Express. It is FREE to join and the benefits you will get here is what you need for a successful online presence. It is critical that you brand your name on the internet. This is how it works and I believe that Syndication Express can give it to you.

JOIN Syndication Express and you will have the opportunity to network with other bloggers and article writers. We have a wonderful community that is like no other. It is special to me because it is nothing like Facebook and I wish for it to stay this way. I want it to stay a functional network that will allow everyone to reach their goals in life.

Terri Pattio
Creator of Syndication Express
MLM coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
Listen, Learn and Live in the now