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Monday, November 26, 2012

Syndication Express - Blog and Article Syndication SEO Link Building

Why I started this network for writers. It's because of my love for writing and it's a way of expressing your feelings and this way people will be able to get to know you.

The real reason to have a blog or write articles is for branding purposes on the internet. Also when you use correct keywords this will get you free traffic from the search engines if you have a backlinks, SEO and syndication going on so you can get the exposure you need from the various social and bookmarking sites.

The reason for this blog post today is to let people know about Syndication Express. The post that will be made here will be from the members of my network to generate targeted traffic and build backlinks naturally and with the use of syndication comes exposure which is a must for online branding and success.

Syndication Express is a social content sharing site which means we do network together and learn from each other. YOU live and learn everyday and the members here know a lot and knowledge is what you need, however you must apply what you have learned.

This is just common sense when you do.
What do we syndicate here on Syndication Express:

1. Blogs

2. Articles

3. Videos

4. E-books and books

Where do we syndicate (share) your content to:  Everywhere (Social and bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google plus, Stumbleupon etc.)

I thank you for reading and if you are a blogger, article writer or author then I am inviting YOU to join today and get busy BRANDING YOUR NAME on the internet.

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