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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

8 Steps to Motivate You to Success

Posted by Sandy Blomstrom on the Syndication Express site.

8 Steps to Motivate You to Success
There are many articles with suggestions for achieving success.

Recently, I read one with some excellent, down to earth suggestions that impacted me.

I have tried to put into action the ideas and suggestions presented
and I wanted to share with you what has developed into my 8 steps to
realizing my dream of success:

1) I will not live in the past,
reliving and rehearsing my failures. My feelings of defeat are not who I
am today. My attitude will be positive and constructive. I control my
future and how it unfolds.

2) I will write down my long and short term goals for success and my dream for the future.

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8 Steps to Motivate You to Success