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Monday, December 28, 2015

Syndication Express - Member's Blog Post (Week ending Saturday December 26, 2015)

Syndication Express Member's Blog Post (Week ending December 26, 2015)

Click the link below to see the published blog posts in the Syndication Express community.

Blogs - Syndication Express

Syndication Express is a community for bloggers and article writers.
Your blog content will be shared on all the major social sites giving you massive
exposure and branding. Additionally community members are encouraged to read,
comment and share network members blog posts to the
various social and bookmarking sites for SEO purposes. By doing this,
members blog post will receive viral exposure, social signals, one way
backlinks and targeted traffic from the search engines.

Below is a list of social networking sites where community members blog post are being share:

1. Syndication Express fan page Give us a like on Facebook.

2. Twitter - you can see SE members blog post when you use the #secontentnetwork in the Twitter search engine. I encourage SE members to retweet the posts they have read, commented and share. Retweeting is a social signal that will help to get blog posts in the search engines (sharing is caring). Additionally you will gain Twitter followers. I know this works because my followers are growing daily. Follow us on Twitter.

3. Linkedin
Check out my profile on Linkedin.

4. SE page on Google
Follow us on Google plus.

5. Networkedblogs - all posts are being syndicated to three groups that I started. The blog posts will get viral exposure.
Click above to follow the Syndication Express site on Networkedblog.

6. Pinterest 
Follow the SE board on Pinterest, click link above.

Syndication Automation is a feature that will give all blog posts in the community massive exposure, branding and social signals. You can learn about this exciting feature when you join the Syndication Express community.

7. Syndication Express blog - the blog you are visiting now. I recommend you check out the sidebar on the right, you will see the newest published blog post. The Syndication Express badge and this is where you can join our blogging platform. Next you will see the Twitter feed of the recent blog posts tweets by members. Now you will see a blogroll of my friends in the SE community that have a primary blog. This is a backlink to their blog also known as link exchanging.

The Syndication Express blog is on Networkedblogs. Every blog post published will be sent to all followers that  follow the SE blog. The blog posts will be shared to multiple groups that I started and it will get viral exposure, social signals and traffic.

Click here to join the Syndication Express platform for bloggers and article writers. Membership is free.


That's me Terri Pattio 
Founder and Creator of Syndication Express

I am personally inviting you to join Syndication Express. I would love to meet and get to know you. 
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