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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How Google Can Help Your MLM Business - Syndication Express

Written by Merle Gibbins

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You can advertise your business and blog posts on Google+ ensuring that you get more recognition for your MLM Business

Google+ has been running now for roughly 4 years, now being one of their social networking programmes.

Many critics were arguing about
Google+’s success and failure, but it is quite obviously a success as it
is a great social media programme.
  Some people are claiming it is
just a dream on Google’s part but at the end of the first year there
was 250,000,000 accounts created and with 150,000,000 people using it
every month, 50% of which sign in on a monthly basis and it was claimed
in a recent study that people spent about six to seven hours a month on
Facebook against just three minutes a month on Google+.

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How Google Can Help Your MLM Business - Syndication Express

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