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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tying it together 2 - Syndication Express

Blog post published by Daniel Boone on Syndication Express.

One of the hardest things to do
is change what you are doing.

What you are doing is  the reason you are having  
what you are having.

Get it. Some thing has to change to make a change.
Like a flat tire- you gotta change it to go some place.

So what is your Routine.

Your routine can work for you or against you.
It is better if your routine works for you.
You can see that much, I'm sure.

You can exist in a maze of habits
that may, or may not be good for you.

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Tying it together 2 - Syndication Express

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Windows 10 Uprade - Review by Terri Pattio (Part 2)

Due to the overwhelming response to my previous post on Windows 10 Upgrade review. I have more to share with you about the operating system by Microsoft.

I must write this post to share what I have learned about the new Windows 10 system by Microsoft.

I recommend reading my first post about Windows 10 Upgrade at the link below, and return here to continue reading my post today.

Windows 10 Upgrade Review by Terri Pattio

First I want to talk about the Microsoft Edge browser. It is definitely different from other browsers. It is kind of cool because it has three things that may be beneficial for some people. You will see this if and when you decide to use it. Keep in mind you don't have to make it your default browser. When you open up the browser that you normally use, it will ask you to make Microsoft Edge your default browser. You can then set your default browser to what you have been using. I don't use Microsoft Edge as my default browser. I do use it for some of the other features that's available.

The browser I use is Firefox and you do have control over this.

My recommendation is that you click on the Windows icon in the taskbar, you need to scroll down until you see "All apps." Next you scroll down the list of apps listed until you get to the letter G, now you look for Get Started. A screen will pop up and from here you will see a list that I recommend you go through. Each item listed has a brief description about the new apps that come with your Windows 10.

Now moving on to the next subject which I feel is very important to do so that your transition won't be frustrating you while you're getting used to the Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade.

I recommend that you turn on the settings of the apps you will be using and turn off the ones that you won't be using. Since you upgraded to Windows 10, by default Microsoft have turned certain apps on they want you to try. You will have to go through each one and set them accordingly. This is the place where you can change your browser to what you have been using. When you click the window icon, you will see the settings option located near the bottom. Click on it and a box will pop up, next you need to search for system and then you will look for default apps. Here you will see a list of apps, this is where you can set your default apps to what you want.

I have been using it for a week now and so far there are some bugs in it, and I feel safe in saying that Microsoft are aware of them. They do send regular updates to fix them. The only thing I don't like is, they don't give you any advance notice about the updates. Your computer will just restart and the updates are downloading and installing. If you're working online on a press release or blog, I must caution you to save your content constantly so  you won't lose it. There is good news after the updates are complete, it will bring you back to the site you were on after the updates are through. I recommend that you click on the windows icon frequently for updates. Click on SYSTEM and then search for Update and Security, then you can see if there are updates available. If so take the appropriate action.

There are several apps I will not be using and this is my personal decision, you can do what you like.

The apps I feel is not beneficial to activate are:

News, Money, Sports, Weather and XBox. The reason why I say this is because when you activate them, this means they will be running on your computer and can cause it to run slow. This is totally up to you. This concludes my post today and as I learn more about Windows 10, I will be posting additional information here.

If you have questions about Windows 10 upgrade, feel free to submit them below and I will be happy to help you to make the switch more pleasant for you.

Respectfully yours,

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade - Review by Terri Pattio

Windows 10 Upgrade - Microsoft Will Be Able To Monitor Your Activity Online.

You can stop it, I will tell you how to stop it.

So what's does Microsoft Windows 10 offers new on this free upgrade. Let me tell you there are 18 new  apps. I will list a few apps here today and direct you to read the article below I found in my Facebook group I started.

Windows 10 is spying on you: Here's how to stop it

The first thing that showed up after upgrading was complete (it took over two hours). Geez that was just too long for me, however I knew what was happening. It's a process as with anything you agree to test. 

NOTE: When you upgrade to Windows 10, you are only testing their new operating system. That's why they offer it free to you for 3o days. You can switch back to Windows 7 or 8 before your free trial is up. I found this out when searching for something else in the system.

Windows 10 has a a browser called Microsoft Edge. Upon opening up the browser, it went straight to the Bing search engine. I don't use Bing and this was not a plus for me. I proceeded using it anyway.

Next thing I noticed is, they constantly send these messages at the bottom of the screen, some have ads on them. Uh,oh what's Microsoft up to, then later on in the evening I found out they had assigned me an advertising ID. What for?

This probably means they will be asking me to advertise on their system since they have been tracking your browsing history. They will know that you are doing business online and use this information accordingly. I don't know about you, I feel uncomfortable with this monitoring of my activity online without my consent. The fact that it was already on and I had to turn it off tells me they probably have other things in the system that I don't know about yet. So far I have set my privacy settings and turn the apps off and what needs to be on.

I recommend you read the post above to learn how to stop Windows 10 from tracking your activity online. Very easy to do and if I hadn't come across the article above I wouldn't have been aware this was happening. Also I turned off the personal assistant named Cortana that Microsoft provides in Windows 10 PC upgrade.

Let me tell you Cortana is very good at collecting all sorts of information from you such as:

Location, location history, contacts, voice input, searching history, calendar details, content and communication history from messages and apps and other information from your devices.

In Microsoft Edge (browser) Cortana collects and uses your browsing history. They say you can tinker with what Cortana remembers in the Notebook, disable Cortana in Microsoft Edge, or disable Cortana entirely.

I don't know where they get the name Cortana from, it's not all that hot a name for a personal assistance.

Here's a short list of a few of the new apps you get in Windows 10:

* alarm/clock
* Camera

* Groove music
* Maps
* Microsoft Solitaire Collection
* Money
* Movies and TV

* Voice Recorder

* Xbox
* there's more and I will stop here.

The Microsoft Edge browser appears to be fast and I'm still testing it out. I did find another article I want to share with you.

As with all new operating system there will be bugs and so far it hasn't happened with me. However according to the article I read, some people are having some serious issues with Windows 10 PC upgrade.

Click the link below to read the article.

Windows 10 bugs emerged

 This concludes my post and I hope the information I have shared has been beneficial for you to make a decision to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10.

Make it a great day. If you found value in my post please leave a comment and share on your favorite social site with your friends.

Respectfully yours,

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart