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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Can Exercise harm you? - Syndication Express

Written by Timothy Eller

Without it, you feel irritable and out of sorts till you Exercise again. So you go on exercising, never stopping to listen to what you body is saying. And what its saying is, "Stop."

The reason Exercise addicts keep pushing themselves probably lies in what happens when they
don't work out. Psychologists at the University of Massachusetts at
Boston studied the psychological consequences of being unable to
exercise. They compared 30 male and female runners who had been laid low
by minor injuries for at least two weeks, with a similar group who
continued to run. Those who could not run displayed more signs of
depression, Anxiety and confusion, and they were far less happy with themselves and their
bodies. Like other addictions, exercise, they say, appears to have
withdrawal symptoms.

Of aches and pains

Over indulgence doesn't harm only the Mind,
but the body as well. Initially, the exercise will do what it's
supposed to, give you a fit body but once you cross the line, it can get
lethal. Muscle damage, osteoarthritis, heart problems they're all waiting to make an appearance.

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Can Exercise harm you? - Syndication Express

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