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Friday, May 16, 2014

3 Great Tips To Brand Yourself - Syndication Express

Written by Merle Gibbins

Are You Putting Yourself Out There And Branding Yourself?

I have spent a good part of today reading ebooks and watching training videos, taking notes and putting my plans in to action.

3 Great Tips Below For Branding Yourself 

1. Get yourself known – place a bit of
content to your blog every day – it doesn’t always have to be about your
business.  Readers love to read personal stories as well, so for a bit
of a change tell a story about yourself or your family.

2. Set up a fanpage on Facebook – tell a
little about yourself everyday – make sure you have set up your fanpage
by following the instructions and try and make contact every day if you
can – OK you can have Sundays off if you like !!!

3. Create a video and get it on to Youtube –
this has to be the greatest way of getting yourself known - A great way
to get yourself recognised is by creating videos. They don’t have to be
long, maybe 2-3 minutes and try and do this daily. Whether it is about
yourself, your family or your business opportunity, this is a great way
to gain a good relationship.  If you are not happy in front of the
camera there are other alternatives.  You can do an audio message or
another one I use is Animoto which is great for doing videos.

Continued reading at the link below:

3 Great Tips To Brand Yourself - Syndication Express

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