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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teaching Your Leaders How to Lead - Syndication Express

Written by Merle Gibbins

One of the biggest mistakes a leader can make is not giving their up
and coming leaders enough opportunity to take on leadership
responsibilities.  Sometimes it’s from a feeling of not wanting to “give
something up”.  Sometimes it’s from not wanting to take the time to do
some training.  Whatever the reason, it’s bad for both the current and
upcoming leaders.  Here are a few ways that leaders can teach and
encourage new leaders to lead:

  1. Meetings – Have new leaders take on small roles at
    team meetings, and then gradually take on larger roles.  In the
    beginning, it may be participating in a role play.  Gradually they can
    work up to conducting a training session.
  2. Team Calls – As you are making coaching or team
    calls, start by having your new leaders listen in.  When they feel
    comfortable, have them host the call, and you listen in.  Eventually
    they can take over their own team calls.
  3. Newsletters – If you create team newsletters to
    recognize your team and their accomplishments, allow your new leaders to
    contribute by writing featured articles.  It’s a great way to build
    their credibility and confidence while having their name recognized and
    exposed to the team.

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Teaching Your Leaders How to Lead - Syndication Express

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