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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winning Domain Names - Branding YOU Is My TOP Priority - Syndication Express

ATTN: Business Owners, Internet and network marketing individuals,
this special offer is designed for you to grow your business and
increase your income. The one thing YOU need to have is a domain name
and website that tells your visitor about you and your business.

Your domain name and website must BRAND YOU and leave a lasting
impression on your visitor, this will make them want to contact you and
become a customer of your product or service you offer.

FANTASTIC MARCH MADNESS SPECIAL by Winning Domain Names is awesome, in my opinion.

I have never seen an offer like this anywhere.
This special has been extended until March 31, 2014.
Here's what the FANTASTIC March Madness Special offers:

Super February Special presented by Winning Domain Names

==> Your OWN Branding domain name & hosting and it's mobile ready as well.

==> A beautiful website that will attract visitors to you and your business.

==> Your OWN Branding splash page ($10.00 value) to generate leads for you to send information about your business to visitors who opt in. 

==>  2 banners ($10.00 value) which promotes your website -250x250 and 468x60.
It is a fact that people will click on a banner more quicker than a
listing/text ad when it is attention getting and makes an attractive
offer to a potential prospect.

==> 5,000 ad impressions to promote your 'NEW' branding website ($10.00 value). YOU want to drive targeted traffic to your website so you will have a successful business.

==> FREE Autoresponder (first 60 days) to build your list ($36.00 value). It is a fact that the money is in the list. As business owners you are building your database of customers and it all starts with the list you build. When someone subscribes to email list, they have made a decision to get more information about you and your business. So follow up is a must and very, very important that you do it.

==> PLUS you can sign up to participate in the Massive Advertising co-op (125,000 ads to targeted prospects worldwide.) ($26.00 Value)

BONUS EBOOK FREE: 27 Secret Traffic Sources ($27 Value)

That's it and now you want to know how much all this cost.
Total Cost $75.00 (One price, one time. NO monthly payments)

Sign up for a FREE consultation to schedule an appointment with me to speak with you to learn more about YOU and your business.

Winning Domain Names - Branding YOU Is My TOP Priority!

YOU will be famous online with a beautiful website and a domain name that BRANDS YOU and your business. One LOW Price, One time!
“My competition can’t beat my price or my quality of work!”

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