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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Internet Marketing - Places For Branding, Networking And Getting To Know People

This is my favorite site to meet new people and interact with all my associates I have met since I joined May 2011. This is another unique community because we have a powerful weapon called IBO spirit. When you learn it and get it, you will never stop doing it. When you keep the IBO spirit alive and real, you will reap the rewards and grow your business. Now you’re earning money from your business.

CLICK HERE  so YOU will know a few reasons why this platform is being used everyday by thousands upon thousands of business owners worldwide everyday.

One last place I want to share with you. It’s my Facebook group I started called “Why Should I Buy Your Product Or Service?”  Yes I know the name may look strange but trust me it’s a very active group with 14,000+ members in it and hundreds are being added everyday. I know what you’re thinking and I will tell you why I recommend joining my group.

The main reason is  because I don’t allow members to use Hootsuite or similar apps to make their post. If they do then I simply ban them from my group and this means they won’t be able to find it and try to rejoin. It is working very well and people are communicating with each other. I get comments from members telling me that my group is the best on Facebook. Everyday 100+ people are asking to join and I add them at my earliest convenience.  

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Terri Pattio | Press Release: Internet Marketing - Places For Branding, Networking And Getting To Know People