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Monday, August 19, 2013

Twitter - Why People Unfollow YOU? - Syndication Express

This information below can be very useful for those of us who have Twitter accounts. 
The author Brandon Gaille has proven to always share content which is beneficial for internet marketers.

1. Keep to Yourself
The top reason why Twitter pages are unfollowed are due to users who appear to be too noisy.
2. Refrain from Self-Promoting
Do not overwhelm your followers with an excessive amount of shameless self-promoting.
3. Don’t be Spammy
You are sure to lose followers if you are guilty of posting to much spam.
4. Stay Interesting
The best way to keep your followers around is to stay interesting enough for them to stay.
5. Stop Repeating
Do not be repetitive with your posts or content. Too much repetition will make your followers lose interest and go somewhere else.
6. Automation is Bad
Do not perform too much automation and be sure to take the time to be original.

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Twitter - Why People Unfollow YOU? - Syndication Express

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