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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Do's And Don'ts For Writing Ad's - Syndication Express

The time comes if we are working online we have to consider writing some sort of advertisement, whether we want to go the whole hog and pay for our ad or simply use one of the many free options out there.  Whatever we decide to do we want to get it right, we want visitors to come to our blogs or websites and hopefully sign up to our lists or purchase some of our products and services.  

With that in mind I have put together a small guide of Do's and Don'ts for writing ad's its not a extensive list just a few pointers.

DO WRITE OUT ALL THE DETAILS in your ad offer.  Read it, edit it, and re-write it if necessary

DO FOLLOW THESE  RULES when writing your ad.: 

    Attention     Interest        Desire       Action

DO BE HONEST with all your ad claims.

DO IDENTIFY your product.: A lot of people forget about this rule nowadays...VERY Off Putting.

DO WRITE YOUR  AD   Simply Clearly and Directly. 

 Continue reading at the link below:

The Do's And Don'ts For Writing Ad's - Syndication Express

Written by Fiona Hazel Inglis

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