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Monday, August 12, 2013

Social Media Marketing - Syndication Express

Social media can actually help your organic search presence just like inbound links are a “vote” for your website – and as such, Google’s crawlers love websites that have lots of inbound links.  If you think about it, the more people that love your content, then the more Google will want to return those results in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Therefore investing in a social media strategy can actually get you a little SEO bang for your social media investment.

If you are doing guest blogging for inbound links then that lets you build a few good relationships, but social media lets you build hundreds of relationships.  By maintaining an active social media presence, you are going to build long and friendly conversations with all of your followers.  While you are doing that your social reach extends even more as their network sees you keep popping up in their feeds. 

When you are talking with your followers one-to-one like you do on social media, you can then provide a serious personal service that other marketing channels struggle to match.

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Social Media Marketing - Syndication Express

Written by Merle Gibbins

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