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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Another Pyramid Scheme - Syndication Express

Those of us in network marketing have heard this dozens, perhaps even hundreds of times!  In my opinion, it is a ridiculous statement!  

In Corporate America, companies have a CEO, Vice-Presidents, Supervisors & Managers and the General Workers.  Somehow THIS business model does look like a Pyramid!  The guy at the top makes far more than those below him.  In network marketing, those who join on the lower levels have as much opportunity as those “above” them to earn a large income.  They are not limited by “titles,” and if they work hard—patiently, consistently and persistently, they can earn as much or more than those who joined before them.

It can be annoying to hear prospects—or friends and family—refer to our businesses as a Pyramid Scheme.  We know we have a real, legitimate business, and that term automatically indicates that others believe it is a scam.

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Just Another Pyramid Scheme - Syndication Express

Written by Julie Klein

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