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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Choose Fearlessness - Syndication Express

Some days, I am seduced by appearances and on those days it is especially important for me to remind myself that there is only One.  This One Source, which I call God, is Fearless.  Being All, It can never be mistake Itself for anything other than what It is and what It is Love.  It recognizes Itself everywhere, for It is in everything.  It permeates every situation, every appearance.  In all of it, God, the Divine, Spirit is there.  In all of it, Love is the constant.  It is Perfect.  It is Perfection and in every situation, in every appearance, Love resides.  God is Fearless, for It recognizes Itself everywhere.

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I Choose Fearlessness - Syndication Express

Written by Richard Mathiason

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