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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Building my business isn't hard. - Syndication Express

Good day to all who read this.

Speaking to others about my business is a joy for me and at times a pleasure unlike any other.
I have been on this path, as my wife says, a long time (6 yrs) but not as long as I was an in-home repairman (30+ yrs).

I learned, in my in-home repair yrs, that I had to be the professional because that is what the customer was paying for.

I was not just there to make money for a task that I was preforming but also to educate the customer so that, if possible, they wouldn't have to call me, or someone like me to solve most issues in their homes.
Issues like:

Cleaning the back side of their refrigerator so that the compressor and coils could move the heat from inside the refrigerator to the out side by keeping the coils clean and not being "Freeked-Out" when they heard noises from their Refrigerators/Upright Freezers in the middle of the night ( It is defrosting).

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Building my business isn't hard. - Syndication Express

Written by James the Healthy Coffee Buy

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