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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Syndication Express - How Effective Are Marketing Automation Tools?

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Featured  blog post titled How Effective Are Marketing Automation Tools?
WRITTEN by Terri Pattio

Using software automation tools can be very effective when it's not overdone. If someone is using them to post to as many Facebook groups as possible, trust me this type of activity will trigger a Facebook alarm, and you will lose your account. If you have set your post to go out every 20 or 30 minutes in Facebook groups, then you are spamming all the groups that you belong to. So many messages are not original because they will send out the same message over and over. They are not even trying to  build relationships with people, it's all about the money to them because this is what there message is about.

When you see the same copy and paste message over and over again in Facebook groups from different people using automated tools. It is usually people that are all in the same business, and they don't realize that they are competing with each other. How's that working for them? It's not!

Many people believe that marketing automation tools is for you to send a message about your business to groups on Facebook, or people you know on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google plus.  It's not. The reason you should be using these automated tools is so you can take time to get to know people first before you pitch your business. YOU must get to know people first to know if they are interested in ANY business at all. So if you don't take time to talk with people then you won't know this.

I don't want to be too long on this post because my message is this, use marketing automation tools the right way with a message that will catch people's attention so they will send you a friend request. Don't send a message in groups about your business opportunity and say INBOX ME. Do you believe that someone you don't know will contact you? Once they send you a friend request then you can accept or decline after checking out their profile. (I recommend checking out their profile so you can see what they have posted on it.) A profile can tell you a lot. The next step is to make a connection by sending them a message. Don't pitch on them, just say hello and give them a reason to reply back to you (Don't send your business link until they ask what you do). This is the beginning of a relationship, this is how it works online.

NOTE: It takes time and will pay off big for you, because you have a new friend and possibly a business associate. Your reputation will be known everywhere on the internet and this is the BEST branding money can't buy.

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 Terri Pattio
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  3. Excellent advice Terri and wish lots more people see this.