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Monday, March 18, 2013

Syndication Express - We're Celebrating, Come Join Us

Featured blog post titled "How To Increase Your Exposure And Traffic"
Written by Joan Harrington

Do You Want To Increase Your Exposure And Traffic?

How To Capture Your Readers Attention And Increase Your Exposure

Do Your Titles Speak to Your Readers?

Or do they merely whisper of the content that your article delivers, or does it catch your reader’s attention and immediately highlight what’s already on their inquiring mind?

Think about what your audience is looking for

Your job now is to show them what you’re serving up with a clear picture of what they’re about to digest.
 “Your title should be the tasty morsel that will have them exclaiming “love at first bite!”…..says Vanessa, Editorial Manager,Ezine Articles.

 Titles are important and they need to “stand out” .

You have the opportunity to assert yourself and your brand, and your title is the first impression you make.
Your readers are choosy in their quest for good, juicy tidbits of info.

 4 Tips You Need To Remember When Creating Your Title

1.  Avoid spammy, keyword stuffed titles.
  • A title that’s grammatically correct will reach your reader much better than one that’s bogged down with junk.

2.  What’s your point?
  • Is it dull or sharp?
  • Try to express in as few words as possible what your article is about.
  • The first few words your reader sees will determine whether they continue on to view your content or simply pass up your article.
3.  Tell the truth.
  • Deliver on your title’s promise and build trust with your audience.

4.  Be clear and transparent.
  • Is your title squeaky clean or is it cluttered?
  • Don’t trip up your reader with a confusing title.
 If you enjoyed these 4 ways to help you increase your exposure and traffic and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share with all whom you feel would benefit…..Thank You!

Sharing Is Caring!
To Your Success,
Joan Harrington
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On March 8, 2013 Syndication Express celebrated it's fourth month as a social network of professional article, writers, bloggers and authors. This is truly a celebration for me because all of my goals have come true.

I look forward to seeing the growth of this site each month. My main goal is for all the members here to be on the first page of Google and the other search engines.

This will work since it is a fact that the search engines are focusing more on social signals. What it means is, when your receive Facebook likes on your website, plus ones on Google, tweets and retweets on Twitter. The search engines are relying on public interest and high quality blog backlinks is still part of the equation.

This is why I created Syndication Express. We can do this when we work together as a community. Also we can learn a lot from each other because we are unique and have special talents to share.

What is your talent? Please come share it with us and let's all help each other to reach our goal by using blog syndication, caring and sharing information so that we can be number ONE on Google.

Come be a part of a fast growing community of like minded professional bloggers, article writers and authors. 
Join Syndication Express today.

Terri Pattio ~MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
Creator of Syndication Express



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