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Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Featured blog post titled Simplifying Relationship
Written by Ron "Simplified" Meyers

Do you know we have made relationships seem so complicated? People are writing books. We have shows that are called “reality” which the correct name should be “Unrealistic TV”.

Relationships are real simple. If you wink, wave, shake hands or just walk past someone, you just had a relationship. Now these may be shallow relationships, but they are relationships. It is an interaction with another. It is that simple.

Now if you want to go deeper because this explanation is too simple, let’s take the word “relate” which is what a relationship is.

Tony Robbins teaches there are 6 human needs. Not wants, needs. We all have different priorities for the 6 needs and we have different ways about achieving the 6 needs. So if we all have the same 6 needs, then again, we are already related.

The reason people have relationship issues are; they spend too much time trying to prioritize other people’s needs for them. No one was born to please you. They are here to travel their own path.

As you watch them and get to know them, you get to “decide” if you want to continue to go down the same path as them. If you don’t agree with them and travel that path with them anyway, don’t blame anyone but yourself for having a frustrating life. You are always in control of your decisions and your emotions.

I know, “I can’t control my emotions”. Yes you can and by the way, “You do”, by the way you think. I am not going to cover emotions here because that is another conversation.

Quit making relationships complicated. Allow people to be themselves and then spend your time with the ones that are attending the same party you want to attend.

It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It’s just my opinion.

Your Uplifting Partner
Ron “Simplified” Myers

Many thanks to Ron "Simplified" Meyers for sharing his wisdom with us. CONGRATULATIONS on having your blog post featured on the Syndication Express blog for many more to see. I wish you continued success in all you do in your life and business.

Your friend Terri Pattio
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