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Friday, December 28, 2012

Syndication Express - A Lot Of Syndication Going On, YOU Are Invited To Join

Syndication Express is a community of bloggers, article writers and published authors. The syndication of content will be even more powerful as members find out about this site, this will mean more natural backlinks for SEO purposes. This in turn means your getting indexed and ranked in the search engines so that you will brand your name online and the reward is for you to make money online.

What's happening on Syndication Express (Week of December 16 - December 28, 2012)

Total members - 51
New members joined - 4
Blog post - 76
Forum post - 16
Videos added - 37

Syndication Express fan page on Facebook has 29 LIKES to date. Keep up with all the latest activities that's happening on the site. >>>CLICK HERE TO LIKE THE PAGE<<< 

What's new on Syndication Express?

A 10 page ebook was created to explain content syndication and what is expected of you as a member of the site.

This site will be very rewarding for us all when we make a consistent effort to do what's necessary in order to make it work.

YOU can download your FREE copy and learn how content syndication works.
Viral Exposure, Content Syndication, SEO and Targeted Traffic 

Top Content

1. MLM Training - Think long term when choosing a network marketing company By Terri Pattio

2. Is Gun control the answer to our problem? By Christine Forsythe

3. Dirty Sales Trick of the Gurus - Why we sell through teaching stuff By Michaelangelo Flores

4. Removing The Confusion Between Duplicate Content And Content Syndication By Michaelangelo Flores

5. Share Your Link By Terri Pattio (Discussion started by Terri Pattio)

Top Videos

1. Dr. Joel Wallach - Dead Doctors don't lie - Arthritis ~ Added by Cheryl Hamer

2. Why you are not making money blogging with Empower Network ~ Added by Michaelangelo Flores

3. Don't have time to succeed? Then success is not your priority ~ Added by Michaelangelo Flores

4. How to promote any business with BWB ~ Added by Carolyn Coleman-Grady

5. How to get better at public speaking through video marketing with a public speaking course ~ Added by Michaelangelo Flores

 Click here to view any of the above videos now. 
If you want to be a part of a NEW and EXCITING content syndication networking site then I welcome you to join me here.

Just click the link to >>> JOIN NOW!

Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
Creator of Syndication Express
Created on November 8, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Syndication Express - Backlinks, Backlinks And More Backlinks PLUS Google Traffic FREE!

What's happening on Syndication Express (Week of December 9 - December 15, 2012)

Total Members - 47

New Members - 6 new members joined this past week

There are 56 blog posts, 15 forum topics and 30 videos.

Syndication Express has 24 LIKES to date. Just like the page and keep up the date with all the latest blogs, articles and books to read here. >>>CLICK HERE<<<

As Syndication Express continues to grow week after week, I know the people I am surrounding myself with all feel the same way. This is the BEST possible BRANDING for us all.

The Featured blogs this week are as follows:

Removing the confusion between duplicate content and content syndication by Michaelangelo Flores

The important advantages of listening to audio training anyway? What does it have to do with being a successful Entrepreneur?

Increase Website Traffic - Linksloto Is A Unique Advertising Service by Terri Pattio

What's happening this week on Syndication Express?

A Webinar and a new video for you with you my purpose and believe this site will be very HOT and everyone that joins will be in good company because we are all working together for the same cause. As a professional network marketer and Mentor. I can say this for sure because you made a decision to get educated first and don't be influenced by the outside things of this world.

Praise God because he is worthy.  Amen!

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart

Friday, December 7, 2012

Syndication Express - Blog And Article Syndication SEO Link Building Network

What's happening on Syndication Express (Week Of December 2 - December 8, 2012)

Total Members - 41

New members - 4 new members joined during the past week

There are 36 blog posts, 29 videos and 8 forum topics.

Syndication Express has 22 likes to date. Keep up with the latest activity that's going on by liking the fan page ==> CLICK HERE

Latest blog post by members

Following Business Trends by Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Syndication Express - Why I started this network by Terri Pattio (Creator)

IM Tool Suite Review by Merle Gibbins

Blog Backlinks - I Never Knew Social Bookmarking Could Be This Easy by Terri Pattio

Health Into Wealth an easy path. So easy a forth grader can do it by James Lockett

Cervical Cancer Awareness - Information that can save your life by Ann Moses

Ocean Avenue Vs. Visalus, and why people are sailing away from Visalus BMW Opportunity by Barbara Christensen

The idea behind SYNDICATION EXPRESS is just as the name says. This is a community of bloggers, article writers and published authors and as the member count increases, the syndication of content will be even more powerful. The building of blog backlinks will increase for all members.

This is the place to be to get what you need to get indexed and ranked in Google and all the search engines. Your Alexa traffic ranking will get better and better and this is what you want to happen, and when all members that join participate in content syndication, this will make all of us be on the first page of the search engines and we can reach our target market (assuming keyword research has been done).

If you want to be a part of a NEW and rising network of Professional Writers then I welcome you with open arms. CLICK HERE >>> Bloggers, article writers and authors are invited to join the Syndication Express network

Terri Pattio ~ MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
Admin and Creator of Syndication Express
Created on November 8, 2012